2017 High quality Soil Bagging Machine - 500g-5kg Flour packing machine – M&J


This starch packing machine can be used to pack flour,corn flour,tapioca flour,maize flour.

The starch packing machine production line conforms to the food processing machinery’s sanitation standard.

On the machine, the spare part which contacts the material and pouch conforms to the standard of food sanitation request on material processing,

food health and security guarantee.

It’s fully automated operation, is improved and the production of a kind of high quality, high performance automatic packaging machine, complete automatic feeding, 

measuring, bag - making, deviation, filling, sealing, date printing and finished product output  and a series of automatic functions.

Film materialsPET+LLDPE film, LDPE/LLDPE+OPP film & others


1. Servo motors for film drawing down system.

2. Automatic film rectifying deviation function;
3. Famous brand PLC. Pneumatic system for vertical and horizontal sealing;
4. Compatible with different internal and external measuring device;
5. The way of bag making: the machine can make pillow-type bag and standing-bevel bag according to customer’s requirements.


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